Gabe "Samurai" Sagman brings international experience to BTC 3

Gabe "Samurai" Sagman brings international experience to BTC 3

By: Brian J. D'Souza

Gabe "Samurai" Sagman (4-2) faces Ty Wilson (3-1) at BTC 3: Prophecy in Burlington, Ontario on June 23, 2018. As one of the top bantamweights in Canada, Sagman offers insight below into what makes him tick, how he became a fighter and how he plans on making a big impression this Saturday night.

Q: The Ontario MMA scene has been quiet, but BTC looks promising as a local promotion. Do you feel there’s hope for more momentum for MMA in Ontario?

A: For sure, I think there’s room for the sport to flourish.  I know there’s a lot of work from all parties, in order for these events to be successful.  I believe it’s up to the promoters and the athlete’s to pack the arenas, and make sure everyone delivers so the fans will be clamouring for more.   

Q: What were your experiences as a pro fighting in Romania like? 

A: I had incredible times in Romania, fighting for the promotion RXF.  I was shown great hospitality and accommodated well as an athlete.  Their production is also world class.  Unfortunately in my most recent visit, I did not get the intended result inside the cage.  This was due to a multitude of factors, which were largely out of my control.  However, I am still grateful for the experience I have taken away as a fighter. 

Q: Do you feel a Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu (BJJ) base is as important today as it was for the first few UFC’s with Royce Gracie?

A: The short answer is no, it’s not as important today.  That being said, nowadays everyone knows at least a little BJJ, and it is still crucial to have as a complete fighter.  If you’re a wrestler, you need to know how to avoid submissions.  If you’re a striker, having BJJ will give you the freedom to throw strikes without fear of being taken down.

Q: Do you game plan or have any particular approach for your opponent, Ty Wilson at BTC?

A: The game plan is always the same; look for the finish via knockout or submission.  I will feel the fight and let things flow naturally, taking what is given.  When opportunity meets preparation, it is a beautiful thing.  On June 23rd, those in attendance at Central Arena will witness just that.    

Q: What makes someone a fighter? Is it an attitude, a decision, something the person is born with?

A: I do believe that I was born a fighter.  I don’t come from a family of fighters, and I was never pushed in that direction.  Fighting is just something I was naturally drawn to.  I believe Muhammad Ali said it best when he said champions aren’t made in gyms, but rather from something they have deep inside them.          

Q: What does the future look like for you?

A: My vision is 2020. I believe that if I stay disciplined and stay the course, doing everything I’m supposed to do, the UFC will sign me during the year 2020. 

Q: Any thank you’s or shout-outs?  

A: Big thank you to Kru Alin, coach Adrian Woolley, and everyone at House of Champions MMA.  Shout-outs to my BJJ family, Absolute BJJ, Toronto BJJ, and extended BJJ family, Jiu-Jitsu For Life Team.  Thank you to Jorge Britto and Josh Rapport.  Shout out to Adam Lloyd and ALP Training Institute, who have been helping me with my strength and conditioning. Finally, shout-outs to my sponsors, Float Toronto and Bowlo Açaí Cafe

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